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Soviet Kitsch

Another school assignment.
God why do I always pick the hard way...
It was another simple one, it only said I had to design a new CD-cover for an existing artist.
And the design had to collaborate with the style of the artist/music.
Ok, so I immediately picked my favourite artist: Regina Spektor, and started sketching like craaazy.
But then I realised how complex and unusual her music is. How the hell am I supposed to turn that into a design?
After brainstorming non-stop in the subway, during classes, in the shower, in bed, while visiting friends etc for 3 days I thought I came up with a good design.
Regina Spektor is from Moscow, she has French influences, she's a very classy lady with a tough side.....conclusion: Soviet kitsch!

This is the first design I made....

But I'm still working on it. I think it's not Russian enough yet, so I might change the font and composition.
I could've done a simple glam shot for a pop-artist, I could've done a cold dark shot for a rock band or a happy summer shot for an acoustic artist.
But no, of all artists I have to pick the crazy shouting, tough lady pianist from Moscow.
Ha, like I said....I always pick the hard way.

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