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Inspired by Frida

Simple. Just one simple, kind of random school assignment.
"Create a self-portrait".
That's it, that's all you get.
This is so insanely optional, thousands of idea's cross my mind.
Painting or drawing? 3D object or picture? Realistic or surrealistic? Detailled, colorfull, large, sloppy, happy, idealised, lugubrious of maybe abstract? What to do!
And THEN, I had it. Out of the blue. My respect and admirance for Frida Kahlo has given me brilliant idea.
I, could turn myself into a modern FRIDA. The idea appealed to me, it was a challenge because of her surrealism, but thanks to Photoshop not impossible!

Eventually, taking the pictures took me almost a full day.
Photoshopping them, took me another one.
I'm proud of the result!
Say hello to Frida Kahlo 2009

1 comment:

  1. That's amazing!
    Did you make the dresses yourself?
    I was really wowed for a minute!