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Photography, art, poetry, philosophy, fashion, lifestyle. l'Existence que j'aime - the existence that I love.


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Insence, who knew?

Smoke; inverted with a dash of color.

Golden seagulls

Even the less attractive creatures have a bit of hidden beauty.

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20 days in Indonesia

Kilos consumed rice: 3

Mosquito bites: 38

Rude Indonesian men who apparently have never seen a 5"8 woman: 875

Heavy storms: 9

Cockroaches encoutered in bedroom: 12

Pictures taken: 1062

Mopeds in Jakarta: over 17 million

Power-outs: 5

Conned: 18

Times desired to go back to Holland: 0
We know reality only by the way it occurs through our senses.



My small collection of these beautifully winged little creatures